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June 27, 2018
Hedge cutting
June 27, 2018

Don’t let unsightly weeds blight your borders – we can tackle unwanted invaders in your garden and leave your lawn and flowerbeds happy, healthy and weed-free.

Not only can invasive weeds be a blot on your garden landscape, they can also wreak havoc on the health of your plant life by competing for space and stealing essential nutrients from the soil.

We have many years’ experience in weed control management and understanding the nature of different types of weed is at the heart of what we do. Whether they are runners, deep-rooted, brambles or annual seed-spreaders, we can effectively remove, reduce and ultimately eliminate problem areas.

The Green Leaves Garden Services team are fully qualified and licenced and use only environmentally-friendly and pet safe products to ensure effective garden weed control.

We will fully assess the affected areas in your garden and tailor a weed removal and control programme that also takes into account surrounding plant life, type of lawn and soil as well as proximity to pets and wildlife.

From lawns to flowerbeds, borders, containers and paths we use a combination of hand removal, weed control treatments and long-term prevention methods to have your garden or outdoor space weed-free in no time.

Our weed control services include:

  • Lawn treatment
  • Bed and border weed removal
  • Selective weed killing and spraying
  • Noxious weed control
  • Invasive species control
  • Vegetation management
  • Close planting and garden landscaping
  • Aftercare advice

To help you maintain your weed-free garden we can also provide a full range of competitively priced garden maintenance services all year around.

For more information on Green Leaves garden clearance services or to request a no-obligation quote call 07933 551 632, email hello@greenleavesgarden.co.uk or visit our contact page.

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