Chafer grub treatment

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June 27, 2018

A healthy green lawn is a source of pride for most gardeners. But if despite your regular maintenance, weeding, mowing and general TLC, your much-loved lawn looks distinctly under the weather, then you could have chafer grubs.

Dead or sparse patches of lawn – or birds pecking at your turf - could indicate an infestation of these tiny grubs which, if left untreated, can cause widespread damage to your grassed areas. So, if you suspect you have a chafer problem with your lawn, contact the Green Leaves Garden Services team and we can deliver our chafer grub services pronto.

Chafer grubs are the maggots of the chafer beetle, which lay their eggs in late spring amongst the grass on your lawn. The grub is harmless to humans but not so to your turf as they love to eat the grassroots. They also attract the lawn scratching and pecking attention of hungry birds and other wildlife looking for a meal and the eventual result is unsightly, scrubby areas of sparse, yellowing grass and bare soil.

To get your lawn back on track, our chafer grub treatment options include:

  • Natural reduction – soil turning, covering and watering
  • Biological control – using parasitic nematodes which feed on the larvae
  • Chemical treatment – this is only effective in the early grub stage (June to July)
  • Chafer Pheromone Trap – to attract the male beetles
  • Annual maintenance treatment to prevent further infestations
  • Lawn recovery programme – including re-seeding or re-turfing

If you are worried about Chafer grubs in your lawn, then call Green Leaves Garden Services today. Our gardening experts will conduct a free assessment of your lawn and provide a no-obligation quote to get your lacklustre lawn chafer grub free and back to full health.

For more information on Green Leaves garden clearance services or to request a no-obligation quote call 07933 551 632, email or visit our contact page.

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